Make Your Own Personalised Stamps

Little did we know that Pos Malaysia have launched this SetemKu service back in 2007. SetemKu is catered for individuals or corporates to personalised their postage stamps by featuring their images. These images are placed together with the base stamp which will form a valid postage stamp.

There are four basic designs available ie. flower bouquet designs for get well, good luck, weddings; teddy bear and balloon for births, birthdays or baby showers; hearts for Valentine's Day, engagement, weddings or anniversaries and a national icon for general greetings.

So imagine having your pre-wedding photo featured in a postage stamp to be used for mailing invites... your guests will be so thrilled to keep them as souvenir. You could also use your event photos to send your thank you cards.

The procedures in placing your orders were clearly lined out but basically, all you need to do is fill in the downloadable form with your information, select the package and submit your photo. It will take around seven days for the stamps to be readied but we would advise you to place your bulk order earlier, allowing Pos Malaysia ample time to deliver your personalised stamps.

Also, please bear in mind that you will need authorisation letter from the individuals featured and also from the person who owns the intellectual properties of the photo.

There are three packages, Emerald; Diamond; and Ruby, and each package are priced from RM500. For Emerald you can get 34 stamp sheets of 30 sen stamps each; you can derived 12 sheets of 30 sen stamps each and 13 sheets of 50 sen stamps each from the Diamond package; and Ruby will gives you 20 sheetlets of 50 sen stamps each or 400 stamps. You'll be charged accordingly for additional stamp sheets needed.


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