Get The Groom Involved

Guys were never built to be the same as ladies. Ladies usually have this wedding thingy implanted into them since they were young, easily visualising how one day their dream wedding could turn out. Where else the guys usually don't think about their weddings until the time comes. They don't fret about the teeny weeny details which seems important to the ladies.

Although some brides are happy to take control in the planning but some would love the participation from the groom. The Weddings Page came across this article by Teresa Morgado on how to get him involved which was featured in weddingsbell.

Ask for his help. Since wedding plans tend to be taken on by the bride, some grooms don’t know they are allowed to help out.

Define specific tasks for him. He will be more inclined to get things done if he knows exactly what his responsibilities are. Make sure these tasks are things he will be interested in doing. Guys don’t care much about flowers and linens so assign him tasks that he will want to do.

Ask him what he wants to see at the wedding. Incorporating his tastes and asking his opinion will make him want to participate more.

Let him take on the responsibility of organizing his groomsmen. This includes: picking their attire, letting them know when and where to be, and talking to them about speeches or any other special responsibilities they will have.

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