Shopping Tips for Bridal Shoes

While a bride's wedding dress may take centerstage, it is the bridal shoes which will be the most important aspect of the wedding outfit. As the bride will be wearing the shoes most of the day - walking around, standing for long periods and dancing, if any, hence it is utmost important to pick the right pair of shoes.

Many brides will purchase two pairs of bridal shoes - one for the ceremony and another to match the dress wore during the reception, well unless the colour scheme for both dresses are similar that you can just get one pair for both occassions.

Here are some tips to consider when it comes to choosing the right pair of bridal shoes:


The perfect shoes must be comfortable! Imagine the bride walks down the aisle, posing for photos, performing tea ceremonies, greeting guests, cutting cake, and possibly dancing thru the night! This means the bride could be on her feet on hours end. So be sure to pick a pair of shoes that are comfortable to the feet.

There are many of variety of products you can find at the pharmacies to make your shoes more comfortable. There are gel insoles and heel patches (just in case your shoes rub against your skin, these certainly looked better than plaster!).

If possible season your shoes by wearing them around the house as often as you can.

Heels of the Bridal Shoes

The height of the shoes is important too as the wedding dress is fitted according to the height of the shoes and you don’t want to be towering over your groom. Remember to bring along the shoes for the dress fitting. With regards to the height of the bridal shoes, choose the height that you're most comfortable with. Your wedding is not the right time to attempt high heels if you're not used to wearing them at that height.

Should you feel like adding a bit of height and can't stand stilettos, try platform or kitten heels. If you prefer flats, try satin ballet like slippers.

Shoes Fit The Bride's Style

Whilst your bridal shoes should match the dress and setting of the wedding, the shoes should reflect the bride's personal style. If you're fun and trendy, the shoes can go a little on the wild side; whilst those romantic types might consider strappy heels with diamantes, beadings, crystals and ribbons.

Materials of Bridal Shoes

The most popular materials with brides are either silk or satin. However, the wedding dress and your personal taste should dictate the type of shoes you pick.

Trying on the Bridal Shoes

Remember to shop for shoes towards the end of the day when your feet tend to swell over. It's the best time to try on shoes as your feet will be the largest at this time.

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