Ivanka Trump's Wedding Dress

Ivanka Trump's wedding dress is a real classic, designed by Vera Wang. We can imagine brides all over the world would love to have a wedding dress like Ivanka's!

Ivanka Trump went for total glitz and glamour for her Sunday wedding to New York Observer publisher Jared Kushner. And to do so, she called on one of fashion's top designers, Vera Wang, to create her gown.

Donning a dress inspired by Grace Kelly, Trump, 27, walked down the aisle with Kushner in front of 500 guests on the grounds of New Jersey's Trump International Golf Club.

The new bride knew just what she wanted in terms of her big-day look.

"She definitely had a feeling for a dignified gown without sacrificing youth or charm," designer Wang told Brides.com of Trump's vision for the gown, which included layers of handmade lace to add dimension.

How did Trump's final look rate with wedding guests?

"She was the most stunning bride," a rep for Trump tells Usmagazine.com.
Source: US Magazine.com

Read what Vera Wang got to say about the dress...

How Vera Wang Is Designing Ivanka's Dream Dress

The celebrity wedding gown designer shares details on the dress

Ivanka Trump selected celebrity wedding gown designer Vera Wang to create her fantasy wedding dress. After Ivanka shared her vision for her wedding dress with us—a Grace Kelly-inspired design—we asked Vera to share what it was like working with the bride-to-be and some details about the dress. Here's what she had to say:

Brides.com: Did Ivanka have a strong idea of the dress style she wanted from the beginning?

Vera Wang: She definitely had a feeling for a dignified gown without sacrificing youth or charm.

Ivanka's tall, were there certain styles you recommended for her figure?

She has a wonderful body and great carriage so we could have gone many different ways.

What was the process like working with her? Was the process different since she only had a three month engagement?

The process was made easier as Ivanka had a clear vision of her dress, however, it was difficult to get the lace work done.

Ivanka told us she was inspired by the classic Grace Kelly look as a starting point—what elements of Princess Grace's style was Ivanka drawn to? How did you update her vintage style for a modern bride?

The coverage at the neck, the graceful silhouette but with a new sheerness for which we are known, and multiple layers of hand made lace for dimension.

Source: brides.com

Photo credit: US Magazine.com


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