Winter Wedding in the Tropics

mosaic winter wed
:-) Yes it's possible in Malaysia. Now is the time for you to gather materials for a dream winter theme wedding. Winter weddings are absolutely gorgeous. There's just something about the glistening icicles and sparkling snowflakes that can take your breath away, well guests included.

Here are some ideas for a winter theme wedding...

Colour Schemes

Well, the most suitable colours are generally white, silver, light blue or even dark blue. Try to fill the reception area with white and use the other colours as accents or features.


You can bring the look of winter indoors. Try to think of as many details as you can to add on to a winter theme such as:

Snow - You can find artificial snow spray in stores these days to make the room chilly by frosting the windows. Styrofoam bean bag fillings make great artificial snow but good luck to those who is going to do the cleaning up :p

Icicles - Since Christmas is around the corner, you can find plastic icicles at stores selling tree decors. You can also use inexpensive white hanging Christmas lights which gives off a nice glow.

Snow Balls - Have fake snowballs incorporated into your table settings, centerpieces or scattered around the room. You can use fake snowball decorations or snowball candles which can double up as wedding favours!

Snow Flakes - Hang snowflake cutouts from the ceiling, made of white construction paper. Spray them with a clear glue and sprinkle with silver glitters to give them a sparkle. You can use snowflake confetti on your tables.

Dry Ice - This effect really set the stage for a winter wedding. Check out the venue if they could get hold of the machine. Walking into the room admist clouds of mist would really set the mood. You could also use it during the cake cutting ceremony ;-)

Ice Sculptures - These make beautiful features. Most hotels here can provide them.

Fabric - You can hang white fabric to the walls and ceilings and have white lights dangling behind them. The lights will shine through and sparkle. Ohh so pretty!

Trees - Find long branches with many offshoot branches on them. Spray them with white paint and make them stand in a pot. Hang lights on them. Absolutely stunning!

Flowers - Classic flowers for winter weddings include white amaryllis and calla lilies. Add texture to your wedding flowers with ribbon, feathers, or seasonal berries.

Candles - Candles are perfect as they can create a cosy and romantic ambiance for a winter wedding. You can use silver or white sprayed branches and hand crystal or silver ornaments on them. Cluster candles on the table around it and the candle light will be reflected by the ornaments.

Wedding Favours

There are plenty of ideas where you can create and make favours for your winter wedding. Keeping them to your theme by relating the favours with the same colours. An easier way out is to pick up some decorative Christmas tree ornaments and attach hand made personalised tags with ribbons which can doubled up as place cards. Another fun idea is to tie tags with ribbons to candy canes!

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